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Since its inception in 2002 the mission has financed all of it’s programs from it’s own local resources with no financial support from abroad. Our source of funding has been from fee will offerings and donations from our members and partners who believe in the commission given us by God. In order to ensure the continuous sustenance and expansion of our work the mission has in place a strategic plan to establish income generating ventures to support its programs and activities.

In 2006 the mission established a small scale bakery in one of the densely populated communities in the capital city. By the grace of God the bakery is operating profitably and plans are in place to expand its operations this year (2008)

Transport service
The mission has plans of running a commuter bus service for city dwellers. Apart from serving as an income generating venture it will also be used as a tool for propagating the gospel as the word of God will be preached via audio cassette players in these buses. We are trusting the Lord to provide us with funds to purchase two 19 seated urvan buses this year (2008).

Multi-farm complex
We have plans to establish a multi-farm complex to generate income to support its programs and activities. This multi-farm complex will include the production of local staple food crops, commercial cash crops, poultry and animal production as well as fish farming. The farm complex will also include food and meat processing. Our vision is not only to generate income but to provide massive employment through this venture.

Retreat Center
The mission has plans of building a retreat center that will serve the Christian community. The Center will comprise of hostel facilities, a conference hall and a prayer chapel. Income generated from the use of the facility will be used to support our outreach and other projects. By the grace of God we have received a donation of an acre plot of land at Agona Asafo near Swedru in the Central region of Ghana, The location is just one and half hour drive from the capital city, (Accra). Drawings for the Center will be commissioned this year.

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