Know Us

We Care Mission is a non-profit Christian mission agency based in Ghana in West-Africa.

We Care Mission is a non-profit Christian mission agency based in Ghana in West-Africa. The Mission is committed to (1) Reaching the unreached in the rural areas with the gospel of Jesus Christ (2) Building leadership capacity for rural churches, (3) Supporting Christian Mission agencies and missionaries (4) Assisting orphanages and (5) Raising financiers for the end-time harvest.

Our outreach programs are concentrated mainly in the rural areas (ie areas with less than 3,000 inhabitants) and small village communities with less than 500 inhabitants. Using video film show as a tool we have been able to preach the gospel in several communities in the southern and eastern parts of the country. We work in collaboration with existing bible believing churches in these communities who do the follow up and ensure that the new converts are established in the Lord. The mission has a vision of establishing house fellowships in communities where there are no churches and train some of the converts to lead these house fellowships. In most of the communities we have worked, we have realized the high level of poverty due to ignorance. We therefore organize leadership seminars for the pastors and church leaders to equip them with leadership, entrepreneurial and managerial skills to enable them serve as agents for spiritual, social and economic change in these communities

The mission has in place a strategic plan to work with the churches in the communities we evangelize to establish income generating ventures. The projects will be pre-financed by the mission and managed by the churches in these communities. Monitoring and evaluation will be done by the mission. Profits from these ventures will be shared on a 2:1 ratio. Two thirds for the church and one third for the mission. We are committed to bringing spiritual renewal and economic empowerment to these communities. Some of the projects the mission is considering are fruits and vegetable export, agro processing, poultry and animal husbandry.


The mission finances its work through free will offerings and donations from its members and partners. To ensure continuous self sustenance of its activities in the future, the mission has in place a strategic plan to establish income generating ventures to support its work. The first of such projects is a small scale bakery which has been established and is fully operational. Other income generating projects in the pipeline include a multi-purpose farm complex and a transport service for city commuters.

"We Care Mission is a non-profit Christian mission agency "