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Standard Institute of Missions is a non-profit Evangelical, inter-denominational Christian Institute.

Standard Institute of Missions is a non-profit Evangelical, inter-denominational Christian Institute. SIM is an affiliate of The We Care Mission and its primary purpose is to provide education and training for Missionaries and Christian workers. The training program offered by SIM is holistic in its approach to life and corroborates the inherent values of intellectual, social, physical and spiritual aspects of development. Our vision is to produce committed and dedicated workers in the vine yard of our Lord.

Training committed and dedicated laborers for the Lord’s Harvest.

The institute will run a certificate course in missions. The course will cover five (5) main subject areas.
The objective of the course is to equip Christian workers already involved in mission work and those with a desire to embark on missions to be effective in making the needed impact in the communities they will operate. The course is designed in such a way that the student is exposed to the important and essential knowledge needed for effective mission work. The topics covered in each subject area are carefully selected and tuition is designed in such a way that the non essentials (like theories, philosophies etc) are avoided. Strong emphasis is place on application of the knowledge acquired in everyday practical situations.

Students will be given assignments at the end of each major topic of a subject. The assignments will form 40% of the students final grading. At the end of the course students will write a final examination before they will be issued with certificates.

The Institute also runs the same certificate course by correspondence.(Distance Learning).Students who opt for this will be given a complete course manual which contains lecture notes for all the five subject areas for the course. The package also includes assignments for all the major topics in each subject. Students will be sent their final examination papers after the Institute has received their completed assignments. On completion and submission of their final examination papers students will be issued with their certificates.

Students who have access to a computer with a CD ROM can opt to receive their course package on CD.

The course is a thirteen (13) weeks course covering a total of 260 lecture hours
Those who opt for correspondence training will have a flexible duration time for completion of the course.

The minimum requirement for the course is a High school (Senior Secondary) certificate. Those without this qualification but have a proven ability to read and write English and have been involved in Christian work for a minimum of two years will be considered.

Students will begin the course with an introduction program which will address topics like introduction to missions, the theological basis of missions, the need for missions and missionaries’ and rural and urban missions.

This subject is intended to provide students with a better understanding of prayer and its importance in missionary work. Students will also learn how to effectively use prayer to achieve the desired results. Topics to be treated in this module will include; various types of prayer; the essentials of prayer; Spiritual warfare; and effective strategies of pulling down strong holds.

This module seeks to introduce students to the different strategies for outreach and evangelism. Areas like mass crusades, tract distribution, and medical missions among others will be studied. Under this same module students will learn strategies for effective follow-up, establishing souls and church planting. This module seeks to equip students to be effective soul winners and establishers. They will be exposed to different mediums that can be used for effective outreach work in new communities, especially rural areas.

This module is aimed at equipping the student with the needed knowledge and skill needed to successfully witness among people of different cultures and faith. Topics to be treated will include the understanding of culture, why one needs to learn culture, the distinctiveness of culture, the divisions and dimensions of culture and language learning techniques.

This module is aimed at equipping students to adopt a holistic approach to mission work. It is designed to expose students to professional ways of running a missionary organization or any Christian organization for that matter. Topics to be discussed will include: organization and management of a mission agency, general management principles management of human resources, management of material resources, management of financial resources and essential management/ entrepreneurial skills.

This module seeks to equip the student and the prospective missionary to become not only a Christian worker but also a development officer in the town or village he will be working. Students will be exposed to the necessary skills needed to identifying the needs and resources available in the community of operation and how to motivate and lead the community to use the available resources to improve their lives. Topics to be treated will include effective leadership style, the servant leader, organizational skills, team spirit, handling attitude, planning etc.

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